Do you remember the days of that one television show where an aftermarket company would put all sorts of crazy stuff into cars? Well, that passion hasn't died out in the automotive world. At Top Marques Monaco, the Frangivento Charlotte Roadster was unveiled as what could be one of the most expensive aquariums ever, and yes, this is a car. Related - Curated’s Collection of Vintage Supercars for Sale Must Be Seen This fully electric roadster was designed by Italian supercar designers Paolo Mancini and Giorgio Pirolo and it comes complete with an aquarium. "The aquarium was designed by Giorgio Pirolo and gives an unexpected sense of perspective, creating a sensation of deep relaxation," said a spokesman for Frangivento. "The fishes Nemo and Dory swim around the aquarium and at the bottom there is a little bottle with the names of those who took part in the project."
If you love fish and can't stand being without then, even on the road, this car is for you. The car is priced at €1.5 million, which equates to roughly $1.63 million USD at the current exchange rate of publication.