Sitting below the M4 GTS will be the new BMW M4 CS. This new model sees an increase in power, as well as a decent of modifications that aim to make the car lighter and more competitive on the track. The most important feature in this car is the inclusion of the Competition Package, which bumps up the car's power by 10 hp, up to a total of 460 hp. This power and the seven-speed M DCT (manual is not an option) allow for a 0-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds. Thanks to the Competition Package, the top speed limit is also increased up to 174 mph.
To drop the weight of the car and give the cabin a sportier appearance, BMW took a few liberties. These liberties included Lightweight M sports seats, pull loops for door handles, and a roof made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. Naturally, BMW also laid the interior with a liberal amount of Alcantara and leather.
To take care of handling, there's the Adaptive M suspension, DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system, Michelinelin Sport Cup 2 tires. BMW has already gone ahead and tested the abilities of the car, putting down a Nurburgring Nordschleife time of 7'38".
An official price for North America has not been released, but it will have a European price of €116,900, which equates to roughly $125,000 according to the exchange rate at the time of this article's publishing.

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