Ever heard of Qoros before? If you're living anywhere other than China, probably not. This automotive manufacturer is located in Shanghai and has only introduced their first model in 2013. Now, four years later, they have introduced the Model K-EV, a new high-performance electric concept car. Qoros may only be ten-years-old, being founded in 2007, but they have already set up a partnership with Koenigsegg. This cooperation has produced the high-performance, all-wheel-drive system found in the Model K-EV. The technology used in this system is also found in the Koenigsegg Regera, one of the fastest cars in the world. Qoros notes their revealing post on Facebook that because Koenigsegg's technology is already proven, it makes the next steps towards the production of the Model K-EV easier.
The powerhouse of this car may be interesting, but so are the doors, surprisingly enough. Qoros decided to go with asymmetrical doors with the Model K-EV. On the driver's side is a massive gull-wing door, while the front passenger door can open as a conventional door or slide horizontally if need. As for the rear door on the passenger side, there is a sliding mechanism. Qoros will be officially debuting the Model K-EV April 19 at the Shanghai Auto Show.

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