Yesterday the internet was ablaze with rumors of the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. To put an end to the speculation and strike fear in the competition, the Demon was revealed on its own microsite "" After the live stream, Dodge threw up a redirect to pull the teaser site on to their main page. The video speaks for itself, and a press release this morning outlines the finer points of this historic achievement. Everyone figured it would be a modified Hellcat, but the Demon makes a sharp departure from any notions of street civility. A four point harness holds you in the driver's seat because that is the only seat installed on the assembly line. As far as the engine is concerned, only the cylinder heads are shared with its predecessor.

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[soliloquy id="115807"] Starting with a new block, the supercharger now displaces 2.7 liters and is chilled by a larger intercooler along with a shot of cool air from the A/C. This allows boost to reach 14.7 pounds at launch. And the launch is the most brutal acceleration ever offered in a production car. Last week we learned that it will be the first production car equipped with a trans-brake. They are banned in many racing classes because it allows the driver to preload the drivetrain and it simplifies the launch. The results are shocking. The Demon is the first street legal car to pull a wheelie at launch and even set the world record for the longest wheelie from a standing start by a production vehicle. Certified by the Guinness book of world records, both front tires are in the air for 2.92 feet. Made possible by drag radials and a ton of VHT, 840 horsepower and 770 lb-ft of torque will have you at 60 mph in 2.3 seconds. It only takes 9.65 seconds to cover a quarter-mile, going thru the top end at 140 mph. It is so fast that the NHRA immediately banned it from competition. Unlike the Super Stock competition cars of the old days, Dodge is covering the Demon with a 3-year limited warranty with 5-year powertrain coverage. Only 3,000 cars will be built for the US and 300 for Canada, which will make the Demon a hot commodity. This is great news for all of us looking for a Hellcat for sale because Dodge dealers will be inundated with demonic deposits. Tell us what you think of it in the comments below and stay with us for all your Dodge & SRT updates.

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