You don't need to dig deep in order to come to the conclusion that Lamborghini supercars are fast. With engines as big as the Aventador's V12, these cars can fly down the road. What about Lamborghini shoes? Will they make you run fast? Well, that comes down to your own abilities, but at least your feet will look stylish even if you fall face first. The Mizuno for Lamborghini Men's Wave Tenjin running shoes are available on Amazon right now in four different colors. The colors include Lime Green, Chinese Red, White and Black. Yes, you could buy the green, red and white shoes, and be able to have the Tricolore in the form of Lamborghini shoes. To view the prices, click the button below. And if you happen to buy a pair, race a Lamborghini on foot and win, please let me know.

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