Get ready to celebrate, because McLaren have announced full-scale production of the new 720S. A press release this morning signals the end of the first generation "Super Series". What began as the 12C and evolved into the 675 LT. The 720S is the first in a new generation that is destined to raise the bar for everyone else. McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt said: “The new McLaren 720S entering volume production is a momentous occasion for McLaren Automotive, marking the first time since the company was formed in 2010 that we have replaced a model family with an all-new generation" Also included in the release are three photos contrasting the differences between the 720S and its predecessors.
A corporate plan known as Track22 seeks to introduce 15 new McLaren models by 2022, which seems daunting for any automaker. A new engine was needed for the new series, so the 3.8 was bored and stroked to 4.0 liters to make 720 horsepower. It allows the coupe to reach 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and 124 mph in only 7.8 seconds. Top speed is a blistering 212 mph thanks to a new carbon fiber monocell. The composite one-piece monocoque that underpinned the previous generation was given a clean sheet redesign for the new cars. McLaren has a lot riding on the success of the new series, so they built a dedicated microsite for more information. If you would like to experience what sets McLaren apart from all the rest, contact our dealers and see for yourself. Stay with us for all your McLaren updates.
The McLaren 720S Super Series