Something new is on the horizon at BMW, so it's time to thin out the herd. A BMW spokesperson has confirmed with Road & Track that the two-door Coupe versions of the 6 Series ended production in February. The 6 Series Sedan, which is called the Gran Coupe for some reason, will remain around for a little longer probably because it appeals to more buyers. But for us in the minority, a sedan just isn't appealing. We had a bright blue M6 convertible as a press car last year, and it was a true delight. [soliloquy id="111287"] The 3rd generation 6 Series arrived in 2012 as the F12 chassis coupe and F13 chassis convertible. Powered by the unstoppable 3.0 liter straight six, it is a comfortable and capable touring car. When we saw the refreshed version in 2015 we figured it wasn't going anywhere, because why spend the money to restyle it for a 2-year run? The answer might have been to distract the competition. They introduced the 2015 model as new, but it was merely revised styling along with updated technology. We've driven several examples of both versions and they are fun in ever circumstance. Technology has made leaps in the automotive world since the introduction of the chassis, and the hottest application of it has been the carbon fiber structure of the 7 series. What began with their flagship sedan is destined to trickle down into the lesser models, so it was time to put the big two-door out to pasture in order to build something new. Speculation points to a return of the 8 Series, so as soon as we know you will see it here first.