Everybody loves a good leak unless it's a vacuum, water or gas leak. This leak, unlike those, is a good one that might tell us just how much horsepower the upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is packing. Instagram account @thedarkestride claims that they have the actual power figures for the Demon and they are as follow:
  • Power Mode 1: 757hp
  • Power Mode 2: 815hp
  • Power Mode 3 1023hp
We're not exactly sure what these Power Modes are, but in their revealing Instagram post they go further into detail about the car. They note that in order to access all 1,023 horsepower, you'll need to be running 100-octane or better fuel, have the Crate PCM that's purchased separately for $3,000, and have Drag Mode initiated. The post also states that the car will be able to run 9-second quarter-mile sprints, while 8-second runs are possible with a "few modifications." This Instagram account also posted a picture which seems to be a photo of the Demon. In the photo, we see the wide fenders, large hood scoop and, of course, the Demon logo. Some of the info in this Instagram post has also been published in other places such as motor.es and Crank and Piston's Instagram account. Dodge has yet to release the official numbers, to this information has not been confirmed. Stay with us for more information as it's released. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSqnQimgcCb