In the old days, you went to the dealer and gave them a deposit. You then had an opportunity to order a car exactly as you want it. Somewhere along the way, the major automakers conspired to eliminate almost all customizations in order to cut manufacturing costs. But Ferrari rejects the building of boring identical boxes. If you can stand to wait in line, your Ferrari will arrive with every conceivable item tailor-made for you. Not only does it allow the car to be an expression of your personal tastes, it also shows what the artisans are capable of when not rushed down an assembly line. Maranello has teased us with the new GTC4Lusso for almost a year, and now it has arrived. Since its predecessor, the FF, had an almost unlimited array of options, we decided to use the new configurator to see how wild it will be. Here are our top 10 options to consider.

10. Full-Size Spare Tire

If you happen to be the only Ferrari on the block with All Wheel Drive, you might be tempted to take a road trip or hit the dusty trails. If you venture away from civilization, a can of tire sealant isn't reassuring. And since a full-size spare is so uncommon these days, the rarity alone is worth the price.

9. Yellow Tachometer

By contrasting the bright yellow against a Bordeaux leather interior, it will be easier to keep an eye on RPM during spirited driving. The passenger tach display is also mandatory for proper drifting. Nothing is better than looking out of the windows in a four wheel drift!

8. Infotainment

If the sound of V12 power through the sports exhaust isn't enough, you need world-class audio. The details of the "HiFi" system are undisclosed so far, but the optional iPad connector and 128GB storage are necessities these days.

7. Daytona Seats

The base model buckets are ventilated, but they are severely lacking in the style department. As a native Floridian, nothing can be wrong with a Daytona option. Several choices exist for contrast leather and stitching so the possibilities are bewildering.

6. Door Panels

In an area that can be easily abused, leather takes more abuse and is easier to clean than metal or wood. The carbon fiber sill plate are also less prone to scratches from heels or loafers

5. Center Console

Bourdeaux Alcantara and leather to match the seats and dash.

4. Interior Leather

The interior is comprised of hand-sewn hides in almost any color imaginable. We could have gone with a two-tone motif, but Bourdeaux upper and lower with silver stitching won the majority vote. Three type of stitching range from standard, colored and special, but we chose a basic silver to give more definition to the leather's curves and match the brushed aluminum of the dash & shift plate.

3. Body Components

The exterior options have several mutually exclusive options in that black exhaust tips are not available with sports exhaust, and the grille can have bright edges or dark. If the mufflers are any different we would choose more performance, and the black grille is more sinister. It's hard to believe a panoramic roof is an option, but it seems like a no-brainer to us. Scuderia shields and the Italian flag should also be standard equipment for the true Ferrari Fan.

2. Wheels

The base model cast wheels are nice to look at, but the 20" forged examples are lighter and stronger. Instead of being poured into a mold, forged wheels are cut from a block of alloy in a giant machine tool. Less weight makes for a comfortable ride and nimble handling.

1. Color

No other feature on any car is as prominent as the body color. We know that Ferrari will color match to your heart's content, but nothing spurs the senses better than a dark red. They offer paint in 4 palettes. Ranging from Solid, Metallic, Historical and Special, you won't find orange peel or fish eyes on these works of art.  

In summary, our perfect GTC4Lusso would be as follows:
Obviously, the prices of each option are not listed. This is because a majority of the number crunching is done by the salesperson and the dealer. So if you feel inspired to price one for yourself, our dealers stand ready to help you.