No matter our ages, everyone has an athlete that they consider their favorite or even their hero. This ranges from the NFL, MLB, NHL, soccer, and even Olympic sports. Sure, wearing a jersey that represents your favorite athlete or team gives you the ability to show off your who you root for, actually meeting that athlete or owning a piece of your team's history is much more rewarding.
Kelvin Joseph with Mark Cuban and Derek Jeter
Unfortunately, meeting these athletes is a tough feat when you consider how busy they are. Thankfully, there's Steiner Sports. Steiner Sports specializes in connecting fans with their heroes. Whether you're a fan, start-up or Fortune 500 company, this 30-year-old company leverages their expertise, existing relationships, and $25 million annual athlete procurement spend to make dreams come true.
Kelvin Joseph front row at Yankees Stadium with Second Base pulled off the field and handed to his client
Since 1987, Steiner Sports has been building relationships with over 2,000 athletes and have also built national relationships with major sports league. Through these connections, they take away the obstacles you would normally face when comes to setting up memorable sports moments. These moments include athletic appearances, turnkey events, local and national promotions, and digital content.  As previously stated, these opportunities are not just reserved for companies, as they have opened up these services to affluent individuals.
Kelvin Joseph with Odell Beckham Jr. And Eli Manning
If you're interested in making your sports dreams come true, be sure to head over to Kelvin Joseph, CMO and COO of Steiner Sports, suggests you add him on LinkedIn or email him in order to get direct access to Steiner Sports.

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