In 1972, Sam Foose, Chip Foose's father, designed a one-off car built around a DeTomaso Pantera. This car was inspired by the 1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo concept car that was, and it shows in this car's design. It has a wedge shape that was popular back in the 70's and has one of the most bizarre rear ends you'll ever see on a car. What's also interesting about the car is that the Pantera's engine was swapped with a 351 Ford Cleveland engine that's connected to a five-speed manual transmission. Chip Foose started looking for the car after his father had sold it, but came up dry. That is, until it was listed by Gas Monkey Garage. Wanting to bring his father's creation back into the family, Chip traded his vintage Cadillac for the car. The concept car remained in his ownership for years to come.
Now, the car is looking for a new owner. At the 2017 Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction, the Sam Foose Pantera will go across the block. It remains in great shape, albeit with some minor imperfection. However, the car still runs and drives great. For more information, be sure to click the button below.

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