DO you fancy yourself a fast driver when it comes to racing video games? Well, McLaren is now giving you a chance to prove it. Announced on may 4 is McLaren latest venture into the world of racing, but it's all virtual.

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Being called "World's Fastest Gamer," McLaren described this competition as "the world's most intense and demanding competition for virtual racers." However, if you manage to win the contest, you'll win a role with their Formula 1 team as one of their official simulator drivers. Yes, being a fast racer in the virtual world could possibly land you a real job with McLaren Automotive.

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The premise is simple: gamers across the world will be competing on multiple racing platforms, including video game consoles, PCs and mobile phones. During the final stages, six international finalists and four finalists from qualifying events will travel to the McLaren Technology Center for what they call "one of the most rigorous job interviews in the world." The ten hopefuls will race against each other, show off their engineering prowess, display an ability to work as a team, and demonstrate their mental and physical strengths.To learn more, click here.