That is the question being asked by Workhorse, a new American truck builder based in Loveland, OH. By taking off-the-shelf components and building their own chassis, their aim is an electric range of 80 miles. Under the hood is BMW's three cylinder generator that is found in the i3 and i8, and it will add another 310 miles on a tank of gas. The body is mostly carbon fiber reinforced plastic, making it impervious to corrosion and lighter than the competition. [soliloquy id="116708"] They are also building their own battery packs using individual Panasonic cells. In total it is rated at 60 kW, but only 40 will be sent to both motors. Each one makes 230 horsepower, for a combined 460 hp to the ground. It can be charged by all current methods, including high voltage DC. An inverter mounted in the right quarter panel offers 120v power to the job site. It is rated to haul 2,200 lbs of payload or tow 5,000 lbs of supplies. But their aim is to light duties and municipal fleets. If the notion of a thrifty, rust-proof truck doesn't excite you, consider its acceleration. Having 460 horsepower and all-wheel drive is something only found in the Escalade and Yukon Denali. No matter how much you beg, GM will not put their most potent engine in the Silverado for reasons nobody knows. As an enthusiast and a gasoline buyer, the video below is nothing short of earth shattering.

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