The upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will have a cooling system unlike any production car on the road today. In a press release issued today, Dodge announced that the Demon will be the "first-ever, factory production car with a liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system." While most cars have an engine cooling system that utilizes air or coolant to cool the air passing through the charge air cooler, the Demon will be doing something different. When the Demon is in Drag Mode, the air conditioning system will have its cold air diverted to the charge air cooling system that leads to the engine. This results in up to a 45-degree reduction in the intake's air temperature.
While this is an awesome feature, the Demon power increase from simply turning off the air conditioner could outweigh the use of this new cooling system. Also, this kind of cooling system has been used in the past but has not been seen in production cars and most drag racers simply ditch their entire air conditioning system altogether. However, we won't know how the Challenger SRT Demon performs with an A/C on or off, or without one until customers get their hands on one.

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