Winter may be over in Florida, but fresh powder can still be found in the northern latitudes. If you enjoy carving down the slopes, Pirelli has something for you. Partnering with the ski masters at Blossom, development took place this winter at their headquarters in Northern Italy. Here in Florida, our version of skiing involves dodging alligators and the marine patrol, but we appreciate quality skis when we see them. Snow skis are made in different lengths because they are tuned for the weight of the skier. Much like the composite springs used by the Corvette, they'are made of a sandwich of composites to keep weight at a minimum. [soliloquy id="115204"] Even the best skis are prone to vibrations, so Pirelli offered a unique solution. Taking the same elastic properties found in the rubber of their tires, Blossom was able to integrate a layer of rubber into the ski which resulted in a 60% reduction in vibration. Only 110 pairs will be produced, with seven color choices. Tire companies have a history of unique branding experiments, without them we wouldn't have the Goodyear Blimp, Michelin Man, or the Dunlop Bridge. These skis are undoubtedly run-flats so we would advise against using tire chains when the blizzard arrives. Everyone has their own opinion when coming down the mountain, so we reached out to Jane's Addiction for a proper review. If you have looked for a supercar for sale, there's a good chance it came from the factory with Pirelli tires. So if you need the ultimate automotive accessory for your Alpine abode, click here to reserve your pair.