McLaren's latest efforts seem to defy the styling and ergonomics of their recent history. When I first saw the McLaren 720S in Amelia Island, it took a few seconds to realize what it was. From the 12C to 675LT, the shared components and common foundations have been seen by some as mere variations on a theme. You might agree if you haven't had an opportunity to get behind the wheel, but now the game has changed.

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Going back to the drawing board, McLaren sought to handle aerodynamic issues with innovation. Inlets under the headlights utilize high-pressure air that usually creates excess drag, and force it into the radiator. From there it exits behind the front wheels to enter a slipstream created by the flared rocker panels. Flowing like a sine wave, it funnels into the rear quarter panels to cool the new engine. The 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 has more stroke than the 3.8-liter predecessor, so it offers much more torque at a lower rpm. The new chassis is much stronger, which has allowed for an unobstructed view. Glass surrounds the cockpit, including the tops of the doors. Multiple YouTube reviews of the 720S have been uploaded, with many of them being included below. Let us know what you think of the new McLaren in the comments below. The 720S will be arriving soon, so our McLaren dealers need to make space. Stay with us for more McLaren updates.