If you haven't had an opportunity to drive the latest Ford GT, don't worry. In order to make the supercar perform in any situation, a press release early this morning explains each of the five driving modes. Controlled from a steering wheel dial, the default setting is Normal Mode. It sets ground clearance at 120 mm (4.7")and engages the rear spoiler at 90 mph and lowering it at 81. Sadly, traction control and stability can not be disengaged. It gives the driver a gradual throttle response to keep street driving under control. Wet Mode is for slippery conditions, so power is dialed back to preserve traction. In Wet and Normal, the driver can engage comfort suspension. This loosens the bounce and rebound of the shocks for leisure cruising. [soliloquy id="104477"] Sport Mode is where the fun really begins. It activates the same Anti-Lag system used to dominate Le Mans, and the magic system keeps the turbos spinning and allows for an instant boost when needed. Ride height stays at 120 mm, but all notions of playing nice are thrown out the window. Shift times are much quicker and at a higher rpm for vigorous acceleration. Comfort suspension is not available, and the stability control system becomes adjustable with three distinct modes. Each one allows for more oversteer and rotation in the corners. It is the perfect compromise for street tires and novice drivers. [soliloquy id="111130"] Track Mode is where the Ford GT drops the mic on everyone else. Releasing the Kraken starts with a 50 mm (1.96") drop in ride height along with an increase in spring rates and maximum shock firmness. The rear wing deploys and the front air inlets are closed for maximum downforce.  The gas pedal loses all civility, so get ready for a wild ride. The final mode is V-Max, and it was envisioned for top speed events. For standing mile events and to leave traffic behind, it offers the same power and response as Track Mode, but the aerodynamics are stored to keep drag to a minimum. Don't try this in the corners unless you have a pilot's license. Innovations like this are what keeps Ford on the cutting edge, so tell us what mode you would use in your daily commute and stay with us for all your Ford Performance news.