Last month Peter Callaway revealed the latest in custom Corvettes. The AeroWagen is a shooting brake conversion with a bold new style. Three decades of building bespoke Corvettes have led to innovations in power and aerodynamics which have culminated in 757 hp and 777 lb-ft of torque. Those numbers are based on the Z06, but the package is available for Stingray and Grand Sport also. It centers around a new 2.3-liter supercharger that is so massive it requires a hole in the hood. Because the blower has its own intercooler, boost pressure is increased and heat is removed. To set it apart from lesser impersonations, the new hatch gives Corvette a Shooting Brake roofline and more storage capacity out back.
Jay Leno is no stranger to Callaway's creations, so he invited Peter and his father Reeves to the garage for a flashback to the 80's. While his father was busy making Callaway a leader in Golf Clubs, Reeves developed a twin turbo kit for the C4 Corvette. Chevrolet was so impressed with the design, it became a production option from 1987 to 1991. Working their magic on everything from Alfas to Z28s, Callaway Cars in Old Lyme, CT has been a fixture in our magazine since we began. The AeroWagen Kit is available for all Corvette Coupes for $15,000, and the supercharger upgrade is $18,000. You will get a nice discount ordering a completed car from their factory once production ramps up. Stay with us for more Callaway updates and Corvette news.

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