Owning a Koenigsegg allows you to be in an exclusive club of hypercar owners that consists of only a few members. Not only do owners of Koenigseggs get together with other owners and invade towns, they also have an exclusive app according to Carbuzz. When Carbuzz chatted with Christian von Koenigsegg at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, he informed them of a new venture. Being called the Koenigsegg Owners App, this app provides owners with important information regarding their car and much more. This includes racetrack stats, software updates, GPS locating and much more. However, Christian von Koenigsegg has a special version of the app that allows him to see where all of the Koenigseggs are located at any given time. Before everyone cries "Big Brother" over the surveillance, he noted to the website that he has this ability because he "cares deeply about his customers, their cars and their ownership experience." Through the information provided, he can learn from their experiences and habits, and ultimately form a better customer experience in the long run.

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