What does it take to set the bar for luxury travel? Lexani Motorcars, a California-based conversion company who's amassed millions of YouTube views and over half a million social media followers to become an internationally recognized leader in custom coaches redefines luxury with the debut of its latest creation—the Ambassador.

The Ambassador, a custom B6 armored Mercedes Sprinter van, is the pinnacle of business class travel and security. This stunning makeover includes handcrafted Italian leather seats, video conferencing capabilities, a modern kitchenette, a jump seat for security personnel, multiple magnetically suspended inductive charging i-Pads, a hidden espresso machine, coat rack, luxury lavatory, marble floors, and naturally, a gold-plated sink.

The inconspicuous exterior and driver's cabin gives little indication to the heavy duty nature of the Ambassador, whose B6 ballistic armored doors are capable of withstanding high powered rifles. The custom underbody plating has also been upgraded, and can now withstand the blast from a grenade. While this outside is nondiscrete, the inside of this luxury fortress reveals an opulent amalgam of the finest bespoke accouterments on earth, which stand more in line with the uber-premium interiors found in private jets like the Gulfstream G650.
The premium levels of care don't stop there, however, unlike their competitors the team at LM are beholden to customers' specific requests for additional amenities, to create a unique vehicle for business or play. Lexani Motorcars offers an unparalleled blend of luxury, technology, customization, and artistry, and provides the quintessential traveling experience. Countless customization possibilities, paired with the pinnacle in design, quality, and safety, make the Ambassador the ideal transportation whether for business, family, pleasure, security or all of the above. Watch a 3D movie, enjoy an espresso, and have the peace of mind that you are being transported in what is the best money can buy.

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