It is important to remind yourself that the Ferrari California T is a GT car. As in, it’s a Grand Tourer in the traditional sense. Driving around town is very easy, competent and efficient, which may sound a bit boring, but it’s not meant to be. Obviously the car looks fantastic and people will check it out, but when you are just heading to run an errand you want your vehicle to achieve that without heroics. I was personally happy that the California T was so functional for everyday use. But show the car enough room and it reminds you it was designed to eat up long fast roads with style and speed, not just perform at the max for short bursts.
The best way to drive the California T is to let the car do all the work, as it certainly knows how. My favorite moments came when driving in third/fourth gear, sweeping corners that allowed the seemingly constant torque range to launch me from one to the other. The small twin-scroll turbos spool up quickly and deliver huge amounts of power almost immediately. With no lag above 2,500 rpm, you can smoothly, but energetically, roll back on the gas and balance the car mid corner for a fast exit. I like the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It makes the right noises on a downshift in sport mode, but perhaps what will impress you most is what you don’t feel: those irritating bumps and ripples from the road. This agile touring Ferrari absorbs them like a pro without giving up performance when pushed hard in corners.
People often ask about ceramic brake discs on a road car and how they work at slower speeds. They come standard on the California T and with a bit of temperature in them, they are amazing. That heat will be easy to generate, as drivers tend to enjoy spirited bursts of acceleration. The best part? Doing all this with the top down. My advice for the complete California experience is to find any excuse for a drive out of town, head somewhere for a great lunch with a friend and roll into those sweeping turns. Or, skip lunch, and head into the sunset. If you are looking for a Ferrari for sale, consider the California T, as it packs a wallop of a punch in a classy convertible.

$202,723 | 3.8L twin-turbo V-8 | 553 hp | 0–60: 3.6 seconds Top Speed: 196 mph | Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch automatic | Torque: 557 foot-pounds