The upcoming McLaren 720S just keeps on getting better with each tease. For this week, McLaren has decided to tease us with the car's new dashboard setup, which is quite genius. This new "Folding Driver Display" includes aluminum switches that allow it to rotate. In the Full Display Mode, the display will give the driver all of the usual information you'd expect from an instrument cluster. If the driver changes the mode (Comfort, Sport or Track), the layout of the display appropriately. In the Slim Display Mode, the display will slide down and back, showing only the essential information in a slim strip. McLaren says this is perfect for drivers who want limited distraction and their information in the simplest form possible. Related - McLaren Excites Us About the New 720S With a New Engine “The new McLaren Driver Interface is a matchless example of advanced driver engagement built around two separate high-definition screens; a Folding Driver Display and a Central Infotainment Touchscreen,” explained Mark Vinnels, Executive Director – Product Development at McLaren Automotive. “The Folding Driver Display is revolutionary in offering both a choice of information shown and physical position, seamlessly complementing driver preferences while at the same time furnishing a glorious piece of engineering theater.”

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