Koenigsegg has given their employees the task of designing their own Regera. Well, that doesn't sound like a bad job to have. So far, we've seen four different Regeras from employees, including a purple one that was dedicated to Prince. Now, it's Joachim's term, who is the Head of Design.

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For his design, Joachim went for some sweet. In fact, the paint he went for is called "Sweet Mandarine," and it features Koenigsegg's new "Polar" striping package in "Arctic White." Another highlight to this Regera's exterior are the black calipers that rest behind the hollow-core carbon fiber wheels.
Inside, he opted for a primarily black leather cockpit with the white highlights being continued from the outside. On the seats, he had the "Snow" inserts installed and "Drift" stitching done in black to contrast with the light tones. While most of the trim inside Joachim's Regera is carbon fiber or leather, the center console does feature polished aluminum, giving the cockpit some shiny flavor. What do you guys think of this design? Hot or not?

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