It doesn't matter how old you are, building LEGO sets will always be fun. Take it from me and my multiple car sets resting on my desk right now. It's therapeutic and nostalgic to take a lump of bricks and turn it into a creation that either you thought of or instructions helped you create. And while I may have built some pretty awesome LEGO creations over the years, I've never had one turned into a full-size replica. This is why the BMW Hover Ride Design Concept is so special. The LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is a fantastic model kit, but the designers at LEGO Technic and BMW decided to take it a step further. To provide an alternative build for this kit, as is common for the 2-in-1 kits. In the end, they created the Hover Ride Design Concept.
“It was a great idea and a superb creative challenge to develop a fictitious model from the parts of the LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure set. Our concept not only incorporates the BMW Motorrad design DNA with typical elements such as the boxer engine and the characteristic GS silhouette, it also draws on the LEGO Technic stylistic idiom,” says Alexander Buckan, Head of BMW Motorrad Vehicle Design.
Sure, the kit is neat and all, but what's really great is that the two companies decided to make a full-size replica out of the Hover Ride Design Concept. BMW had their second to fourth-year trainees use actual production parts used for the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure to create the life-size replica. This even includes a front-wheel rim that was modified to form a propeller.

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