Wet weather driving is something most supercars will never encounter, but Ford wants everyone to know what the new GT is capable of. Living in Florida, we are accustomed to flooded roads and the calamity they cause. In order to breath cool air most new cars are bottom breathers. The engine's air intake is mounted low to take advantage of high pressure generated by the front bumper. So inevitably rain water is sucked into a few unlucky cars and its game over. Hydro lock is when an engine is destroyed by water. It can happen to any car in the right situation, especially supercars with low ground clearance. In a move that would kill most cars, Ford Performance decided to ford a river by plunging the GT into a splash test. In a test trench usually reserved for trucks, the GT makes swimming look easy. The rear mounted 3.5 liter engine has intakes located behind the cockpit, so you would have to work very hard to get water into the cylinders. We inquired with them about replicating this test at our facility, but for some reason we have yet to receive a reply. Please don't try this at home, and if you do please send us the footage. Stay with us for all your Ford GT updates.

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