Bentley announced today their brand-new fragrance called Momentum. The English automaker notes that "Bentley Momentum meets the same exacting standards as Bentley cars." The fragrance was created by Nathalie Lorson, a renowned master perfumer.

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In Bentley's press release for the new fragrance, they went really in-depth when it comes to how it smells: "As the fragrance opens, a splash of aquatic notes energises sparkling bergamot and cool green violet. In contrast to this refreshing style, clary sage adds herbaceous, aromatic accents, hinting at the sensuous warmth that unfolds in the heart notes. Gaining momentum, the scent segues into a strikingly modern accord of ambergris and cashmere wood, evoking clean, sun-warmed skin and polished wood. The dry-down reveals a deep, burnished blend of smooth sandalwood and dusky tonka bean, in a sensuous trail of musk and moss."
Can't say I've ever had a fragrance "gain momentum" on myself. Bentley Momentum comes in two different intensities: Bentley Momentum Eau de Toilette and Bentley Momentum Intense Eau de Parfum. As far as prices go, it lays out like this:
  • Bentley Momentum EDT, 100 ml; Euro 82.00; £59.00 (~$87)
  • Bentley Momentum Intense EDP, 100 ml; Euro 89.00; £69.50 (~$94)
  • Bentley Momentum Intense EDP, 60 ml; Euro 68.00; £49.00 (~$72)
  • Bentley Momentum Hair and Body Shampoo, 200 ml; Euro 27.00; £24.00 (~$28)

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