One of the most significant cars of all time is the 275 GTB. A Gran Turismo Berlinetta embodies everything that is right with the motoring world. For one lucky customer, Maranello has built a modern interpretation upon the chassis of the F12berlinetta. When it arrived in Daytona for Finali Mondiali, we instantly knew it was something special. Indeed, Special Project 275 RW used the engine and transmission of the F12 tdf along with a wider track width on the rear. Details have been scarce until now, but a press release last night confirms many of our assumptions. [caption id="attachment_111371" align="aligncenter" width="680"] By Taylor Shenuski[/caption] Vents in the front fenders are the most prominent throwback to the classic design. Indentations behind the windows and an aluminum gas cap evoke memories of the race prepped 275 that won the GT class at Le Mans in '65. The paint scheme of Ecurie Francorchamps and carbon fiber is an homage to the winning team. Within reason, Ferrari will build anything your heart desires, and we hope to see this car at Cavallino next month. If you were given the opportunity, tell us your vision for a custom build and stay with us for more Ferrari news.

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