Sweden may be enduring the depths of Winter, but they are building the world's hottest hypercars. The Koenigsegg Regera makes use of hybrid assist to eliminate the transmission, because who needs gears? Not only does the direct drive allow it to put more power to the ground, it also really comes alive at triple digit speeds. With a 2.73 differential, most gearheads know that such a low ratio allows for incredible top end power. A combination of twin turbo V8, three motor generators, and an innovative torque converter allow the Regera to offer 1,500 hp and around 1,475 lb-ft of torque. And to keep such power glued to the track, an optional aerodynamics package includes dive planes on the nose and more exposed carbon front to rear. A new Rendering of the Regera has been unveiled each week, giving Koenigsegg employees a chance to show their ideal build to the world. Last week we saw a raven black example from Art Director Lisa, and this week it is a Grey & Carbon design from Prototype Manager Mattias Vox. A fan of natural tones, he chose a Roe Deerskin interior. The exterior is perfect camouflage for foggy mornings, with carbon fiber being separated by white stripes. He chose this example to unveil the new aero because a "certain motor show" they are preparing for. Undoubtedly Koenigsegg and team will have something wild for Geneva, so stay with us for complete coverage of the show. [soliloquy id="113036"]