America has a love/hate relationship with station wagons. Maybe it is a conspiracy by the Crossover Mafia, but the US has been without a full size wagon for a few years. The body style remains popular around the world, which is why BMW have developed a wagon version of the seventh generation 5 Series. Because BMW fans speak only in chassis codes, the new generation is known internally as G31. Eager to incorporate lessons learned on the latest 7 Series, the body incorporates composites and aluminum along with high strength steel for cockpit protection. Physically larger than its predecessor, the new model is around 220 lbs lighter.
Officially to be known as the 5 Series Touring, four engines will be available once production begins. Your choices will be four-cylinder or straight six in gas or diesel variants. The xDrive AWD system will also be available. Attention to aerodynamics includes shutters behind the grille that transform the wagon into a bottom breather at highway speeds. An integrated rear spoiler above the rear glass is another trick employed to achieve a drag coefficient of only 0.27, which is 10% better than a Corvette Z06. Incorporating the latest in autonomous assistance, new features like lane change assist and lane keeping will handle the steering at speeds up to 130 mph. Intelligent cruise has stop & go control for inner city congestion, and the HUD screen is 70% larger to help keep your eyes on the road. No word of a US version was mentioned in the press release, but we will have more information after the Geneva Auto Show next month. Stay with us for all your BMW news.

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