Nine decades of luxury and refinement have produced one of the world's greatest automobiles. The seventh generation of the Rolls-Royce Phantom was the first model overseen by BMW. It brought the brand into the modern era when it was introduced in 2003. Built in short and extended wheelbase versions, it also spawned a convertible in the Drophead Coupe. Much has changed in the past 13 years, so it is with a heavy hear that we must announce the end. The final Phantom VII was a fitting tribute, being a custom ordered limousine. A press release earlier this morning outlines the history of the model along with the inspiration for the final build.

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Inspired by the golden age of ocean liners, the nautical theme is evident inside and out. Powder blue leather has tone on tone embroidery. Clocks on the dash and partition were styled to match the chronometers of 30's era ships. The bezels have 24 hour markings in the same fashion as HG Wells' time machine. Work is now underway on preparing the machine tools and master coachbuilders for the 8th generation Phantom. Expected to arrive as a 2018 model, it will be built of aluminum instead of steel. Stay with us for all your Rolls-Royce news, and check out the great listings from our dealers below.

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