For years, people have envisioned that the cars of the future will float above ground in some fashion. Whether it's done through some sort of magnetism or air flow, the cars would be floating above the ground. One concept that perfectly displays what a futuristic hoverbike could look like was recently created by Rico Kersten. Called "The Beast," this hoverbike design was uploaded to Behance for the world to see. In the description for the concept design, he notes that the bike is powered by a radial fan, similar to those found in computer graphics cards (GPUs) or "older hairdryers from the 70's." Kersten said that he "Liked the idea that on powerful fan could lift and move the vehicle." Aiding the bike's directional efforts are wings on the bottom, as well as two big thrust reverse brakes. If the motorcycle from the movie "Akira" was a hoverbike, I'm sure it would've looked similar to this. Be sure to check out Kersten's Behance page for more amazing digital designs. [soliloquy id="111113"]