Without a doubt, the North American P-51 was vital to winning WWII. In the war of two wheel transportation, the battle for superbike supremacy has been an uphill fight for America. Until recently your choices for a domestic V-twin sport bike have limited to uninspired designs, but Confederate Motorcycles are ready to change the industry. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, 61 examples of the Combat Fighter will be built in honor of those who served. Each bike requires 800 man-hours and a thousand pounds of alloy to offer the best torque to weight ratio on the market. Building a bike completely out of 6061 billet demands a dedicated team of designers and machinists. https://vimeo.com/190240955 The naked design emphasizes form and function, with several acrylic portholes that will have you mesmerized. Being able to see the inner workings of the engine and having a clear visual into your fuel tank are just a few of the ways it achieves a wet weight of 560 lbs. At Bonneville Speed Week a record storm caused the salt to lose its grip. The Combat Fighter set a two-way average of 164.93 mph, with wheel spin denying further attempts. With the speedometer reading 30 mph higher than ground speed, holding the throttle wide open at 6,000 rpm for miles was the perfect proving ground. Confederate has built the Secretariat of thoroughbreds, with a focus on drag racing performance. https://vimeo.com/187727101 Carbon fiber comprises the wheels and handlebars and the lighting is LED. Confederate's engineers draw inspiration from 'Reversed Alien Engineering' and we believe it. Veterans of the greatest generation formed the Confederate Air Force after the war, but the PC police forced them to change their name. Although most of its members have gone to the great airbase beyond the horizon, unanimous among them was the reverence and love of the P51. Geared for 200 mph, the Combat Fighter is ready to take on Japan and Germany simultaneously from their factory in Birmingham, Alabama. https://vimeo.com/187732719 Because each bike requires an investment of time and materials, only 61 examples will be built. For more information please contact Confederate Motorcycles at sales@confederate.com And be sure to visit the Combat Fighter homepage for a gallery of each build.

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