Think back to the 90's when the McLaren F1 was the king of cars, partially because of its incredible top speed of 240.1 mph. Nowadays, a modified Nissan GT-R running 200 mph in just a quarter-mile is becoming more commonplace, putting us into an era of insane speed. Who knows how fast these cars could go if they were given the room.

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One specific car, the T1 GT-R, packs over 2,400 horsepower and is looking to break into the 6 second quarter-mile time. Tony Palo and his team at T1 Race took their GT-R out to Texas Speed Syndicate's Quick 30 event to see if they could break the GT-R world record. They came close, but unfortunately running 7.430 @ 204.82 mph isn't good enough anymore. After checking his time slip, Palo told 1320video that he's going to put all the pieces together, drive it into the trailer and try again. Will he break the record? Only time will tell, but if he does, you know we'll have the video of his run here on Autofluence.

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