In Tokyo, Japan, Ferrari celebrated 50 years of being on the archipelago by premiering the new J50. This two-seater mid-rear-engined roadster has been modeled after the targas of the 70's and 80's, and was created by Ferrari's Special Project department and designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre team in Maranello. Laying the foundation of the car is a 488 Spider, including a modified version of the 3.9-liter V8 engine that won the 2016 International Engine of the Year Award. Further specifications on the engine were not given in the press release issued by Ferrari.
One of the key aspects that Ferrari is getting across with this car is the revival of the barchetta design: an open two-seater sports car that can perform on the track that was popular in the past. What's more, the J50 has another interesting design aspect that may not be apparent at first. On its outside, there is a black line that divides the car laterally. This black line is similar to one found on cars like the F40, F50 and GTO, and has not been seen for quite a while. As for its front end, the J50 provides a visual that is unlike any in Ferrari's current lineup. From the thin and sleek LED headlights, to the two carbon fiber air channels on the hood, the J50 is exceptional looking from up front. In the rear, the engine can be seen through a transparent polycarbonate cover. Between the engine bay and the carbon fiber roll hoops that protect the heads of the driver and passenger is a "transverse aero foil", a design cue common in the Ferrari prototypes of the 1960s. As for its rear fascia, there is a quad taillight setup that rests underneath a "high-downforce wing profile." Below the wing and lights is a rear diffuser that Ferrari says was inspired by jet engine afterburners.
All around, the Ferrari J50 is a fantastic looking sports car that houses a tried-and-true engine. One accomplishment of this car is that it has successfully reimagined the Ferrari designs of the past and brought them into the modern era. Unfortunately, only ten examples of the Ferrari J50 will be created, with a price point not given yet.

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