Winter is the great equalizer of driving talent. Snow does not care how many wheels you have turning, or if your differential is viscous or electronic-- it simply provides a slippery surface to help perfect the art of car control. When traction is limited, your right foot can be used to invoke oversteer while cornering, which is commonly known as drifting. Since your car doesn't have to be fast in order to drift, this form of racing has been embraced by a culture that is too slow for drag racing competition. [soliloquy id="107832"] But what happens when you take one of the fastest cars in production out onto a track of fresh powder? The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S pushes its twelve-cylinder engine design beyond what we thought possible, all the while being housed in one of the automaker's lightest chassis. Anyone who has owned a rear wheel drive car will understand the implications of such a formula. Drifting is a symphony of steering, throttle, and brakes, and it requires input from the seat of your pants. It's second nature for some, but for those who want to learn, Aston Martin On Ice is your chance to learn from instructors.

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