If you thought retro was over with, get ready for a modern Microbus. Volkswagen has set their sights on a zero-emission future, so get your surfboard ready for a battery powered cruise to the beach. The original Type 2 van was introduced in 1950 and the design was so revolutionary it remained in production (in Brazil) into late 2013. Embraced by the counterculture whose parents drove domestic cars and who fought to liberate Europe, the Microbus was low on power but big on style. Well-restored examples have been selling for record numbers, so its prime time for them to relive the 60's. In the original model, the flat engine allowed for ample interior room, and that concept has remained. But batteries and two electric motors have replaced the air-cooled flat four. An expected range of 270 miles and all-wheel drive are strong selling points, as long as the Westfalia camper remains relegated to the history books. The press release states that VW is in the early stages of a big electric offensive, which will culminate in one million electric vehicles annually. Sharing a modular architecture with other forthcoming products, the I.D. Buzz is the first AWD electric to connect front and rear motors with a driveshaft. With seating for eight and two luggage compartments, you will have ample room for a road trip. [soliloquy id="111820"] A fully autonomous mode is known as "I.D. Pilot" will allow the front seats to swivel 180 degrees so that front passengers can face rearward. To make the I.D. Buzz appealing to all electric enthusiasts, the RWD only model would offer 268 hp with an 83 kw battery, and the AWD will have a combined output of 369 hp with an 111 kw battery. We are excited about more zero-emission cars coming to market, so let us know if this concept sparks your interest in the comments below. Stay with us for more VW news.

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