This is a lesson in that even if you crash and burn, literally, you can still come out on top. At the recent Macau Grand Prix, Laurens Vanthoor was taking his Audi R8 around a corner at high speeds when trouble started. He seemed to have clipped a corner, causing his tail end to come out from behind this. Vanthoor immediately lost control, sending him into a wall. After the initial impact, air got beneath his car and lifted the nose up until the R8 was flipped onto its roof.

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He slid for some time and onlookers watched in horror. After his car had settled fire could be seen on the stationary car. Luckily, Vanthoor escaped the wreck just fine, but what's even more incredible is that he escaped the wreck with a win. After the crash, the race was red-flagged and there was no time for a restart. Because of the situation, the winner of the race would be decided based on the standings of the previous lap, which Vanthoor was first place in. Therefore, Vanthoor won the race even though he crashed and ended the event. This is definitely a bizarre occurrence, leading many to be up in arms over his win. You can see the crash below.

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