At the end of a fun track day, the time must come to put toys away. Loading cars into transport trailers can be a nerve-wracking experience, but one lucky McLaren owner makes it look easy. The P1 LM is the final iteration of the English Hypercar and a street legal version of the GTR. Gone are the air jacks and Lexan windows, and sadly the exhaust has to breathe through catalytic converters. Boost pressure has been increased to make up for the restrictions in order to keep horsepower at 986.  Also included is a tablet with engine tuning software, battery charger, and a 1:8 scale model. Veteran racer and Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack was behind the wheel for the record-breaking run at Goodwood last year, so it has been rumored that he was chosen to finalize the suspension tuning of the LM at the 'Ring. Filmed by Supercarsfromeu, we get to see the engineers in action and the battered belly pan of the car. It looks like the front end doesn't have a lifting system, but nothing beats pushing a race car for a great leg workout. With a dry weight of 3,075 lbs, the double stack trailer has no problem lifting the car, but it might be hard to open the doors once inside. Various contortions must be learned for entry and egress, and they are not glamorous in the slightest. Since only a few examples will be built, turn up your volume and stay with us for more McLaren footage.

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