Rezvani Motors has pulled back the sheets on their anticipated Rezvani Beast Alpha-model at the Los Angeles Auto Show. In the revealing press release, Rezvani notes that the Beast Alpha "integrates the aggressive, streamlined approach used previously on a new, more mainstream vehicle."

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The new features that make this Beast an Alpha include the Targa-style top, patented SideWinder doors, front fascia, side vents and a central exhaust port. As for the overall construction of the car, it's constructed out of carbon fiber and is built around an aluminum monocoque sourced from Lotus. It weighs in only 1,950 lbs. [soliloquy id="110331"] Now, for the really good bit: the power. Bringing the power is a 500 hp engine that was built by the Rezvani Motors team. It starts out as an Acura K24 block, but it rebuilt with a myriad of upgrades, including a high-performance turbo, specially made forged aluminum pistons, new camshaft profiles, an intercooling system and much more. With this power, the Beast Alpha can rocket from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds with the optional sequential transmission, and 3.4 seconds with the standard six-speed manual. Its top speed is stated to be 175 mph. If you're interested, the Rezvani Beast Alpha has a starting price of $200,000 and is now available for order. &