For this year's Pagani Raduno, the Italian hypercars took over Japan. One of the most exciting parts of this year's event had to be the Touge Run they ventured on.

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Togue runs are street races held on the mountainside roads of Japan that consist of gorgeous twists and turns. If you've ever watched the popular cartoon show Initial-D, you know exactly what I'm talking about. While the group of Paganis didn't go drifting around the corners or flying at high speeds, they still looked beautiful going through the roads. In the video below from effspot, you'll be able to see the Paganis in action for yourself on the Japan roads. On top of driving through the roads, they also flew through the Fuji International Speedway for quite the spectacle. Every Pagani Raduno event never ceases to amaze me and their Touge Run is no exception to that.

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