Ascending a ski slope in the summer is a great way to reach the summit, but coming down can be treacherous. That's why Land Rover invited the press to witness the abilities of the latest Range Rover Sport Supercharged. The event took place on a run known as the Inferno in Mürren, Switzerland. In need of a brave driver, none other than Ben Collins was strapped in behind the wheel. Descending almost 7,200 feet in a matter of minutes is a great way to smoke your brakes, but the Terrain Response computer uses other means to keep acceleration in check.

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The computer closes the throttle and keeps the transmission in a lower gear while allowing downhill speeds of 96 mph. A few of the grades surpassed 75%, which is how it only took 21:36 for the descent. Keeping the brake fluid from boiling is critical, especially at high altitudes. Luckily the near freezing temperatures kept them from being burned. A roll cage and off-road tires were added for additional safety, but the vehicle performed flawlessly.

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