Any car that laps the Nürburgring under 8 minutes is working hard, but what happens when two tires are eliminated? Chinese stunt driver and holder of two Guinness world records Han Yue wanted to show off his abilities. Using a ramp to get put a Mini on its sidewalls, he lapped the Ring in a gangster lean. Driving on two is walking a tightrope between falling back to earth or a roll over. This probably took a few test runs, but he managed to keep it rolling for 45 minutes from Bridge to Gantry.

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We don't recommend driving in this manner because it destroys your tires and steering system in the process. The Mini has a low roof line and a very low center of gravity, which makes it a great choice for stunts. So for a more challenging test of skill, we are going to replicate this event using AJ Burnett's Terradyne Gurkha. If you enjoy having fun on two wheels please do so on a motorcycle with a helmet. We do not condone dangerous behavior, but it's fun to watch. Tell us what car you would choose for two wheel tomfoolery and stay with us for all your automotive entertainment.

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