Here in Florida, it costs $225 to get a license plate transferred to a new vehicle, not included the $2 lien and registration fees. If you want to get fancy, you can get a custom license plate for a $25 annual fee. All-in-all, you can get a license plate for a new car in my home state for around $300. For one Indian businessman, his license plate cost about 30,000x more than a typical Florida plate for a new car. That's about $9 million, or 33 million dirhams. The buyer was Balwinder Sahani and the plate he paid for says "D5". According to Independent, Sahani owns a property management company and the purchase took place during a Dubai government auction. They also noted that the proceeds from this sale will go to Dubai's Roads & Transport Authority. If you think $9 million is crazy for a plate, back in 2008 the "1" license plate was purchased for 52.2 million dirhams, or about $14,200,000 USD at today's current exchange rate.