Back in March, Pininfarina unveiled an bizarre new concept that we were most definitely not expecting from them. Called the H2 Speed Concept, this race car is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The hydrogen gas used to power the car is created by breaking down water to its main components. So, you take H2O, chop it down and are left with one hydrogen atom and two oxygen atoms. To do this, our Andrew Nabors put it best: ". Electricity and water are not friends so when they get together, water loses the fight and you end up with oxygen bubbles on the negative side and hydrogen on the positive. Hydrogen is lonely without oxygen, and a fuel cell is the best place for them to party. What happens in the fuel cell stays in the fuel cell, and you end up with water and electricity." With this hydrogen party going and motivation from two electric motors, the H2 Speed Concept can rocket from 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. While that isn't Tesla Model S P100D numbers, it's still fast as heck. And if they work a little more on the acceleration, this could become the world's cleanest supercar. While we all thought that this concept was going to stay as a concept, is reporting that the car will actually be produced. They note in a recent article that 10 examples of the car will be produces with an approximate price tag of $2.5 million. [soliloquy id="98620"]