With an event that has outgrown the Monterey waterfront, Russo & Steele have set new records for collector car prices. What started as an open air event at the Fisherman's Wharf parking lot has evolved into a must-see event of the weekend. Under tents that would leave PT Barnum speechless, they brought together 250 of the world's most sought after automobiles,  We told you what to expect a few weeks ago, but now the final numbers are in. Here are the most notable sales of the event:

1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

With only 17,443 miles, the only restoration needed was new chrome plating on the bumpers. Numbers matching examples of these cars are becoming very hard to find, which is why it was able to bring $1,050,105.

2004 Ford GT Prototype

As the final validation of their engineering efforts, Ford's design team and assembly workers signed the underside of the hood of this significant car. Built as the final prototype, it was the last pre-production Ford GT built before official production began. It was used to validate the assembly line techniques and to ensure the electrical system could perform as a daily driver. Most GTs have been well cared for in climate controlled garages, but Ford's SVT division racked up almost 50,000 miles in testing. It sold for $836,000.

1993 Jaguar XJ220

Supercars of the 90's are intimidating because they delivered incredible power with none of the modern stability systems we're accustomed to. The XJ220 is just such an example. With a twin turbo 3.5L V6, it offers 540 hp and 476 lb-ft of torque at all wheels. As such, the owner only amassed 871 kilometers (541 miles) since new. Capable of running with the fastest cars in the world, it sold for $435,000

2014 Mercedes-AMG SLS Black Series

When AMG is given free reign to design the ultimate GT car, their menacing builds are known as the Black Series. In the quest for aerodynamic dominance, the track focused SLS AMG GT trades civility for downforce with carbon fiber spoilers. Since the new AMG GT models are based on the 4.0L twin turbo engine, the SLS might be the last big 6.3L naturally aspirated model. $418,000

2009 Ferrari 16M

Built to celebrate Ferrari's 16th victory as a Formula1 constructor, the 16M is more than just a fancy F430. Only 499 cars were built, and they are as close to a street-legal race car as you will get. The interior is all carbon fiber and the exhaust is unrestricted. Capable of reaching 62 mph in 3.7 seconds, it stands as one of the most significant production cars in recent history. $355,000

1970 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

The first production Ferrari with power steering and power brakes, the 365 was a more practical cruiser than its predecessors. Instead of a rear mounted transaxle, the 365 placed the transmission behind the engine in a conventional layout. This allowed for ample trunk space and room for rear passengers. Originally owned by a famous Hollywood producer, it sold for $346,500

1988 Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV

The car that brought Lamborghini into the modern era, this Countach was ordered with every option. The first Countach to offer 4 valves per cylinder, the new 5.1L version of their venerable V12 did away with carburetors in favor of Bosch fuel injection. With only 18,469 miles, it is a time capsule of 80's excess. $321,750

1957 Porsche 356

Restored to an exceedingly high standard including the factory-specified color combination, this 1957 356 Speedster is complete with documentation. An outstanding original car from San Diego, California was the foundation used to begin a stunning restoration by Porsche marque specialists in Newport Beach, California. $250,000

 2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello

For the discerning buyer who needs a manual transmission, this well-preserved example has only 3,781 miles. The stunning & sensuous lines of Pininfarina are combined with a 5.5L V12 in a combination that we might not see again. $194,700

1955 Facel-Vega FV1

As a signal to the world that France was recovering from the war, Facel-Vega combined a Chrysler HEMI V8 with gorgeous coachwork. $181,500.00

Stay with us, as Russo & Steele will be previewing their Scottsdale event in the near future.