The BMW M series vehicles are known for their stealth, high-quality and undeniable sports car appeal. To compliment the M series and give owners a little extra edge, BMW revealed it's M Collection, a line of sportswear and accessories specifically designed with an M series driver in mind. The line is fashioned of the finest materials and encompasses the look and feel an M series driver would want.
Each piece compliments the next, making way for the perfect ensemble. The BMW M collection features an "exclusive Swiss-made Sellita SW 500 automatic" chronograph, which embodies the tight, precise lines associated with M-line sport, an is crafted in high quality materials like sapphire glass to exude luxury. The M Collection also includes the BMW M jacket in men's and ladies' styles. Both styles were created with the M series automobile in mind and feature automotive inspired pieces like zip tabs based on the steering wheel design of the BMW M4. Sweat jackets, fan t-shirts and exclusive Puma sneakers are also included in the collection among other items. The BMW Collection is now available at