Dodge has been on a roll recently with several special edition cars. Since we loved the Ram Rebel and the Hellcat, we asked ourselves what else do they have up their sleeve. White sedans with black wheels fall into two categories: Law Enforcement patrol cars, and others that resemble them. White is a perfect shade for Florida, as it will remain cooler during our sweltering summers. Follow along as we spend a week with the new Charger R/T Blacktop.
Everyone knows the Hellcat makes over 700 hp. It casts a long shadow over its predecessors, but sometimes power isnt everything. In all honesty we forgot about the 5.7L HEMI V8, but it has been continually refined since 2003. Since eclipsed by the Scat Pack and SRT editions, Dodge decided to offer a snazzy upgrade for their smallest V8. The Blacktop edition arrived with gloss black wheels, mirrors, and spoilers.
Our first instincts were to see how other commuters would react to the ominous paint scheme. Since our urban test loop involves a few miles of highway cruising, we proceeded to Interstate 275 for a few experiments. Horsepower is rated at 370 with 395 lb-ft of torque. If you wondered why the speedometer goes to 160, this car will have you at triple-digit speeds by the end of the on-ramp. The first reaction from other motorists was to jump on the brakes to return to legal speeds. You won't find anyone riding your bumper, which is nice after a long day.
After playing Super Trooper we realized the Blacktop has an upgraded interior also. Dark brushed metal trim and black leather compliment the 552 watt Beats Audio system. The doors and floor are well insulated to keep road noise at bay. Steering is a bit on the light side, but it does have enough feedback for a proper drift. We won't tell you how to disable the stability control system, but trust us you will be thankful for its intervention. Having this much torque with only 8" wide wheels makes for a fun experience. Overpowering the tires makes for a fun exit, as the 8-speed auto spins through 3rd gear.

SRT Challenger Hellcat For Sale

Interior fit and finish are much improved from Chargers of the past, which makes the 2016 R/T a great choice for a daily driver. Rated at 25 mpg highway, it is a sensible way to enjoy V8 power. If white isn't your favorite, the Blacktop package is available on other colors. Our car had a total MSRP of $41,070 which is not bad for a full-size V8 sedan. It may not be as fast as the Hellcat, but the Blacktop is a snazzy ride with great acceleration. For more information, check out these listings from our dealers.