Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled their anticipated Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept car and it brings with it a few surprises. At first, it was thought that the car would just be a big rebranding of the Maybach brand, but we now know that this car is something very special. The first surprise is that this 18.5-foot is actually electric. Powered by a battery that has a usable capacity of around 80 kWh, the Vision 6 has 738 hp on tap. This allows the massive coupé to reach 0-62 mph in less than 4 seconds and can reach a top speed that's governed at 155 mph. What's more, it also has a range of over 200 miles.

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[soliloquy id="107080"] Another interesting feature of this new car is its windshield, which acts as a massive "heads-up display." Driving-related data, as well as geographical data, is shown across the windshield, making information more readily available to the driver. The driver can control this information through gestures. Does this mean you'll have to go full "Minority Report" in this car, waving your hands around? Not sure, but that would be interesting to witness. [soliloquy id="107081"] Mercedes also describes the entire interior cabin as a "360° lounge." They created this experience through a "sitting surface forms a horizontal, which transitions into the vertical of the doors and finally becomes the underside of the dashboard wing." For those weary of electric power in their car, Mercedes has added the quick-charge function. With this tech, 62 miles worth of energy is charged within just five minutes. Charging is done public charging station or at your normal outlet. Not a fan of cables? Don't worry, charging can also happen wirelessly via electromagnetic fields.

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