Already known as a luxury powerhouse SUV, the 2017 Range Rover Sport will boast a host of enhancements making it more powerful, more technologically inclined, and therefore, more appealing. Efficiency and innovation make the 2017 model a more sustainable choice without compromising the luxury and class. The SUV will now feature the 2.0L four-cylinder diesel engine from Jaguar Land Rover. Fuel emissions will be at unprecedented lows and capable of 45.6 mpg. The new engine's performance is supposed to be in line with the Range Rover Sport's previous 3.0L TDV6.
In order to enhance the driving experience, Land Rover is also implementing technological advancements like Advanced Tow Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Intelligent Speed Limiter. The Advanced Tow Assist is designed to "take the stress out of maneuvering when towing large loads." This feature allows the driver to use settings to direct the trailer reversing. Blind Spot Assist alerts the driver when a car is approaching a blind post and Speed Limiter can be set to promote safer driving, which is especially handy for teens and lead-footed individuals. Additional features include Low Traction Launch, which keeps fishtailing and slipping to a minimum on low-grip surfaces. Also included is a larger, 10-inch dual touchscreen on the dash complete with pinch and zoom capabilities consistent with tablets and smartphones. As stated by Land Rover's Chief Design Officer, the engine and technology advancements make the 2017 model "more composed, sustainable and relevant than ever."

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