The Ferrari F12berlinetta was revealed back in 2012 as the brand's flagship V12-powered supercar. With a front mid-engine setup and rear wheel drive, the F12berlinetta was highly praised and won multiple awards. However, that was four years ago. Since then, Ferrari has brought the F12tdf into the world, revitalizing the F12 model, but it seems that the Italian automaker is looking to breathe more life back into the model.

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YouTuber 356Daly recently spotted a test mule driving around Maranello and he seems to think that it's actually a new F12 model. In the video's description, he also notes that the car is rumored to come with the name "F12 M," and that it will be released into the wild in early 2017. After watching the video, it's very possibly that the car in the video may be a F12 successor due to the Grand Tourer layout. But, time will only tell.

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